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What does “module house” mean?
Asks: V.A.
Module house is a house built from separate parts, called modules. Modules are primarily fully produced at the factory and then assembled directly at a building lot. In our company we assemble all 100% of module house at the factory, then slightly dismantle it and transport in such way to the customer’s building lot. Module house building method also means that it is possible to move built house to another place later if it is needed.

How big is a typical module house?
Asks: V.A.
A typical module house’s size may vary from 25 to 300 square meters. Modules themselves are 6,5 to 12 meters long and 2,4 to 4 meters wide. Number of modules depends on the certain project.

How long does it take to assemble a module house at a building lot?
Asks: Kira
Timing depends on the certain project. For example 4 module house with total area 115 square meters is usually assembled less than in two working days.

How far away from factory is it possible to deliver modules? What is an effective radius of delivery from factory to a building place?
Asks: Vladimir
Maximum distance that our houses have travelled – 3500 km. It has showed, that construction is hard enough and meets all building requirements and also is eligible to experience unusual situations such as long distance transportation. Neither exterior nor interior finishing didn’t suffer from such a long travelling as well. Conveyance of the module houses is normally carried out by auto transport, so the limit of delivery distance can only be set by customer’s possibility to pay for the delivery.

What kind of heat-insulation materials are used in modules of module houses? And what materials is a house construction made from?
Asks: Gennady
Here comes a description of house construction. For project with two or more modules: frame – metal skeleton of a building (armature); partitions and lathing – calibrated squared beam/timber; heat-insulation materials  depend on building type (is it a living house, holiday house or temporary accommodation) and also on the region of building place, we usually use these heating material types: foamed plastic (in order to save some money this is the cheapest option of heating material), mineral wool (ecological and easy in use), polyurethane foam (the most solid, stable material and the most effective option to compensate possible heat loss). Facade finishing can be chosen by customer: all possible options are available to see in section "Module Houses".

What is a wall "pie" made of?
Asks: F. Antonov
Facade panel: windproof film – OSB – heat-insulating material – metal skeleton (armature) – OSB or plasterboard – finishing decorations. For more details please visit section “Packaging arrangement”.

Is it possible to arrange gas heating or wood heating in module house?
Asks: Vlad
It is possible to arrange a fireplace or a stove in a house, however this option must be chosen and accepted before the house building process is started.

I don’t really understand what type of foundation is required for the module house?
Asks: Constructor
You can find the detailed information on this issue in section “Packaging arrangement”.
To discover what type of foundation the project needs, ground investigation has to be done. Usually we suggest either to build shallowly-deepened strip foundation or to set 6 pillars along the perimeter of each module for one-storeyed houses (see an example). We also use boring piles in some cases (see an example).

Does your company provide a full building service?
Asks: Constructor
Our main specialization is ready-made module houses: construction and production. We also provide a build-up service at the building lot, in this case we save the guarantee. Usually we entrust building lot’s preparation and utilities to a contractor, and fully control the process.

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