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выгрузка домаModule transportation is accomplished by cargo transport. Trailer type depends on module quantity and length.

Usually one lorry can carry over two modules, so, in example, 4-module house will be carried by two cargo lorries.

Modules are unloaded and built-up by a crane, however in some cases it is possible to unload and build-up modules with a mobile truck crane (which is less expensive).

выгрузка дома краномIf bigger than standard trailer size modules for houses and other constructions may be transported by non-standard cargo freights trailers. Expenses for such type of transportation are much higher than when using standard trailers.

Combined transportation is possible as well. For example, oversized modules can be transported for extra-long distances by lorry – ferry – lorry.

You can find delivery expenses request form below – here we provide an approximate expenses for module transportation from City/Country to City/Country. Please, take into account that given prices are given for your information only and can vary in depend of season and other specific issues. We will try to give a response within 5 working days.


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